Resources for Parents

Two-page Parents' Guides to Student Success

The Resources for Parents tab at offers parenting information, tip sheets, parent- student activities, parent education resources, recurses in Español, and more!

Parent Involvement: Helping Your Child through Early Adolescence USDE

Build the Bridge to Success U.S. Department of Education-Office of Communications and Outreach A Guide to Effective Parent, Family and Community Involvement in North Carolina Schools

Families and Schools: It all adds up. Statewide Parent Visitation Month October, 2010 Alabama

Gearing Up for Kindergarten- N. Dakota Parenting time, games for parent and child, I night a week before they start school

Six Slices of Parental Involvement North Dakota Barriers to parent involvement, effective strategies, four myths of parental involvement

Strengthening Parents Ability to Provide the Guidance and Support That Matter Most in High School Education Commission of the States, Denver, Colorado

Parent Information Center of Delaware Toolkits covers Special Ed, Inclusion, Literacy, RTI and Technology

Ready to Learn TV for preschool, free computer games

Helping Your Child series from the USDOE has both full booklets and brochures versions that cover science, history, math, reading, homework, preschool, helping your child succeed in school, through early adolescence and becoming a responsible citizen.